Put Saturday, May 19, 2018 on your calendar
for this year’s Birdathon.

Don’t wait! Set aside Saturday and Sunday, May 19 and 20, right now to take part in Onondaga Audubon’s 60th Annual Birdathon. Saturday’s Big Day takes place at peak spring migration here in Central New York and is followed by Sunday’s compilation picnic. Both competitive and recreational teams are invited to take part. We also encourage teams to raise funds in support of Onondaga Audubon’s mission.

The Birdathon area includes all of Jefferson and Lewis Counties in addition to the traditional  six-county NYSOA Kingbird Region 5, including Onondaga, Oswego, Madison, Oneida, and Herkimer Counties, plus Cayuga County north of N.Y. Route 31.

The Rules
When: Saturday, May 19, anytime between midnight and midnight — no rain date!
Where: Anywhere public or private in the eight-county area ((see above).
Teams: Any size (1 or more). No splitting up! Team members must remain withisight of one another.
Count: Carefully identify species by sight and/or ear—follow the honor system, please.
Bird List Deadline: 11 AM Sunday, May 20, by email or phone, or in person at Sunday’s compilation picnic at Derby Hill, starting at 4 p.m.
Dollars Deadline: Please turn in to Ken and Rose Burdick by June 15.

Records to Beat
People: 43 teams, 116 members (1999)
Total Funds: $7,500 (2001)
Most Money for a Team: $1,471.50 (2017)
Most Species Combined: 209 (2011)
Most Species for a Team: 158 (2013)

How Birdathon Works

Bird enthusiasts of all types are invited to participate in the annual OAS “Big Run” / Birdathon quest. This event is timed to take place at the peak of spring migration, and is the perfect opportunity to go out and find some great birds. Through your participation, you can help document the occurrence of birds in Region 5 and provide financial support for the important work of Onondaga Audubon, all while enjoying a day of birding.

Date and Time: The birding event takes place each year on the third Saturday in May. Teams go afield for as many (or as few) hours as desired between midnight and midnight — no rain date! The results are compiled at the picnic at 4 PM on the following day, Sunday.

Boundaries: You may bird anywhere in Jefferson County, Lewis County and Kingbird Region 5. Region 5 includes the counties of Onondaga, Oswego, Madison, Oneida, Herkimer, and Cayuga County to the north of Route 31 — more than 5,000 square miles.

Count: Carefully identify species by sight and/or ear — the honor system please!

Fund-raising: Lining up sponsors (flat donations or so much per species) is optional, but definitely encouraged!

Bird List Deadline: Submit your results by noon Sunday, or bring them to the Day-After Compilation Picnic at Derby Hill Sunday, at 4:00PM.

Final Bird Results: Full birding results will appear in the summer issue of The Kestrel newsletter and this web site.
Dollars Deadline: Turn in to Birdathon Coordinator by June 15.

Proceeds will be used to support the mission of OAS, specifically the sanctuaries, education and conservation.

Sign up now for this exciting bird-watching event and help support
Onondaga Audubon’s LOCAL education and bird sanctuary priorities.

For more information:
Ken and Rose Burdick
(315) 436-9416   Home

Birdathon, c/o Ken Burdick
PO BOX 394
Elbridge, NY 13060

Here are PDFs of 2018 participant information materials

Cover Letter
2018 Birdathon Announcement
Species Checklist
Fund Raising Tips
Sponsor pledge sign-up sheet
Remittance Sheet