2012 Birdathon Results

2012 Birdathon Species List

2012 Birdathon Team Results


The Region 5 Birdathon, held on Saturday, May 19, 2012, raised a total of $5192.50 with 19 teams taking part in the fundraising effort. This was below last year’s great results of $7051, but in line with results over the last several years. This is the third year in a row that the group has exceeded the $5000 level.

This year, our top two teams surpassed the $1000 mark, with Dave and Jeanne Ryan’s Marsh Madness edging out Janet McGraw and Jane Needham’s Blackburnians by a modest margin. Both teams had increases from last year. Marsh Madness achieved a new personal best of $1136, and the Blackburnians
had one their better years at $1035.

The Big Dippers (Ken & Rose Burdick, Dave Graham) finished in third place with similar tally to last year, while Old-gray Gnatcatcher (Paul Richardson) advanced into fourth. Also, a special mention goes to Nancy Bridges and Tom Meier who stepped up to take the helm for their respective teams, carrying on their fund raising traditions.

We are enormously grateful to all of the people who contributed to this year’s effort in raising money and are looking forward to next year, with teams both new and old taking part. So, don’t forget to join us on May 18th for another unique day of birding on Birdathon 2013.

— Ken and Rose Burdick, OAS Birdathon Coordinators

2012 Birdathon Fundraising Results by Team

Speaking of normal birding results, the Woodcocks – Bill Purcell, Kevin McGann and Chris Spagnoli – garnered 148 species to again take a commanding first place in the competitive category. This matches their recent average, and not coincidentally the average winning count for the last 6 years. Also finishing in their customary position, Archaeopteryges Mickey Scilingo and Martin Mau handily took the “silver” with 138 species, matching the long-term average count for that award. Third place is not so predictable, and Joe Brin of I Like Shrike took the “bronze” with 126 birds for the day. The group as a whole found 195 species, matching the 6th highest count ever.

It was another good year for singles and doubles – species found by only one or two teams. There were 17 “singles” and 18 “doubles”. The Woodcocks racked up six singles, including an unusual sweep in the Scoter department. Other good finds included the Mad Cowbirds’ Orange-crowned Warbler, and the Whooters’ Northern Bobwhite. It has been a while since a Bobwhite has been reported. Custody of the Clark(e)’s Nutcracker goes to the person finding the best bird of the day. This was awarded to Tom McKay of the Sun-bit Bitterns for his Laughing Gull found over Onondaga Lake.

Our Youngest New Birder this year was Joel Baker from the Wrenegades team. And the final award, for Most Birds / Least Miles was again taken by Dave Nash. Traveling on foot and by bike, Dave recorded an impressive 96 species in Clay Marsh. In that category also with zero auto miles, Daniel Leete had 81 species, while Gerry Smith, driving only to get to the site, had 102 at Derby Hill. Now, if Gerry had just biked to Derby, he could have taken the prize!

As always, it is the teams that participated, and to all those who raised funds or sponsored a team that make this a great event. THANK YOU to each and every one who took part! A special thanks also goes to Michele Neligan for helping again with the food for the Picnic. Again, thank you all! And, we hope to see you next year on the third Saturday in May. Report authored by Ken Burdick.