Native Plant Sale

Get ready for HGCNY’s annual fall plant sale 

Janet Allen, President, HGCNY Wild Ones Chapter

It is not too early to begin thinking about what to add to your garden this fall — and what to remove from your garden to add to our plant sale.

WHEN: This year’s sale will be on Sat. Sept. 9 from 9 am to noon and Sun. Sept. 10 from 1 to 3 pm. (And you can arrange to pick-up plants you’ve pre-ordered during the following week.)

WHERE: It will be in the Allens’ driveway 401 Parsons Dr. in Westvale. Only non-cultivar native plants, with the exception of a few dioecious plants (that is, plants that require separate male/female plants) will be available at the plant sale.

The Plantsmen, Amanda’s Garden, Maple Hills Nursery, and Nannyberry Nursery will provide perennials available on the days of the sale, and you can pre-order shrubs and trees from White Oak Nursery for pick-up.

The four vendors select perennial plants for the sale, but if you want particular native plants, email John and we’ll see if they’re available. NOTE: The Native Plant Shopping Guide ( will show what the vendors are likely to have.

We will try to post a list of plants that will be at the sale as soon as the vendors indicate what they plan to provide — but that will not be until a couple of days before the sale. If you are interested in some of those plants but are unable to pick them up on the two days of the sale, we can hold them for you. Plants are generally in 4″ or 6″ pots.

Shrubs and trees from White Oak Nursery are pre-order only. You can go to the website at and choose from the list of “Potted Seedlings” or “Trees and Shrubs.” PLEASE SELECT ONLY NATIVE PLANTS from the list! The price at the sale will be $5 more than the price shown on the website to cover the cost of the pot, delivery, and a contribution to HGCNY. Email John with your order. Deadline for this pre-order is Fri., Sept. 1.

An additional source of native trees for the plant sale
Atlantic States Legal Foundation has an urban tree nursery at 663 W. Onondaga St. in Syracuse and will be participating in the September plant sale in a limited manner.

They have these native trees available:
black gum (Nyssa sylvatica), butternut (Juglans cinerea), chestnut oak (Quercus prinus), eastern red cedar (Juniperus virginiana), hop hornbeam (Ostrya virginiana), pawpaw (Asimina triloba), sassafras (Sassafras albidium), and sweetbay magnolia (Magnolia virginiana).

These trees are 5-6 feet tall and are in 3-gallon containers. The cost is $34. If you are interested in obtaining any of these email John. Payment would be made to ASLF when you pick up the tree. This will be limited to the week following the Sept. 9 plant sale.

Donate plants from your garden
You may also contribute plants from your garden. Please pot them up and clearly label them. Please contribute NATIVE PLANTS ONLY and ONLY NON-CULTIVARS (that is, the plain species rather than named varieties). If you’ve grown these plants for a long time, you may not recall whether for sure whether they’re cultivars or not. Feel free to contribute plants if your best guess is that they’re the species.